Voor wie?

Yoga is voor alle leeftijden en is niet prestatiegericht. Je hoeft niet lenig te zijn: je werkt naar eigen mogelijkheden, met respect voor je eigen grenzen. Ik bied verschillende vormen van Yoga:

Hatha Yoga
De Hatha Yoga les met aandacht voor: houdingen, adem, meditatie en ontspanning.
Ieder week een ander les met een ander ademhaling techniek.

Waardoor bijvoorbeeld:
- de spieren sterker worden.
- de geest helderder wordt.
- het concentratievermogen groter wordt.
- je lichaam en geest ontspannen.

Mark Burke,
voormalig Engels profvoetballer bij o.a. Middlesbrough, Wolverhampton Wanderers (beide ENG), Fortuna Sittard (NL) en Omiya Ardia (JAP)

"Originally in India only men were allowed to do yoga, now, in the west it seems that the roles have been reversed, it seems to be only women doing yoga and men are kept away from what is seen as a ‘female thing’.
But if you look at the world of professional sport then this ‘female thing’ is being used to prolong the careers of some of the worlds top sportsmen.
From Andy Murray - US open tennis champion,boxing legend Evander Holyfield to the entire New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, they all rave about how yoga tones muscle, improves flexibility and increases endurance.
Ryan Giggs, Manchester United football legend has used yoga for many years to prolong his english premiership career into his late 30’s, so think what it could do for the ‘average’ man.
Yoga is no longer the preserve of only women or certain types, men of all ages are finding out that the beneifs of yoga are life changing in so many ways.
Now, in the big cities like London, New York and Los Angeles, the men doing yoga, span all age ranges, from executives and high-flyers in the city, to internet whizz kids, doing two or three sessions a week to maintain condition.
They’ve realised that yoga is great for keeping trim, sculpting the abs, as well as providing that calm but focused mental attitude that’s useful at work and play. They see yoga as part of their general conditioning and part of their life."